German Arzate Garza


Mexican sculptor, self-taught. From an early age, he felt the need to create, using materials available in his environment (wire, clay, paint, plaster, wood, among others).

Since the beginning of his work, the fusion of two figures, elements, or concepts has been a constant, reflecting his dual conception of the world, day and night, the masculine and the feminine, the mystical and the earthly, love and heartbreak, human and animal nature. Arzate has developed his own proposal highlighting fascination with duality in the erotic, mystical, and natural aspects of the human being.

He has held solo exhibitions at the Secretaria de Hacienda (CDMX), the Museo del Carmen (CDMX), and the Museo Culhuacán (CDMX), as well as in various private galleries in Mexico City and throughout the country. His most recent exhibition was held at the Agora Gallery in New York.

He currently resides and works in his private studio, Taller Uxmal, in the city of Cancun.


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